Is YOUR ‘Other’ Immune System Working?

Mike George

We live in a strange world where millions, if not billions, are spent on maintaining the health of our bodies while, by comparison, little is spent on the wellness of our being. While they are intimately connected, ‘health’ and ‘wellbeing’ are different. Unfortunately, many of us get them mixed up, and only a few seem to recognise that our wellbeing is primary and physical health is secondary. Even when we do prioritise the wellness of our being it’s often not reflected in the choices and decisions that we make throughout our life. We tend to be ‘busy bodies’ while neglecting the serenity of being!One consequence is we don’t seem to realise how much and how often we sabotage our wellbeing. This is largely due to an education with a hole in the middle! That hole is called ‘self-understanding’. No one teaches us how to understand our self, how to think, why we feel what we feel and what impact many of our decisions will have on our wellbeing.

Some of the symptoms of an UNWELL being might include – stressed, grumpy, critical, resentful, defensive, resistant, closed, depressed and frequently unhappy for no apparent reason!

While the signs of a WELL being would probably include – contented, easy, open, warm, accepting, flexible, enthusiastic, upbeat with a sunny attitude regardless of what is occurring.

Some people have ill health but remain well in their being. Others have perfect health but are almost always unwell!

The Root Cause of Illness and Unwellness

We grow up without being able to recognise exactly what we are feeling beyond crude measures of pleasure or pain, good or bad, high or low. We grow up without knowing how to be the masters of our own minds and creators of our feelings. We grow up in a state of ignorance about the causes of our stress and unhappiness. We arrive in adulthood without the ability to recognise how our ‘belief systems’ are causing all our moments of mental and emotional misery. All of which ensures we are likely to live unhappily ever after! While we do find ways to punctuate our gloominess with certain ‘stimulations’, we won’t really notice that most of what we do to be happy is actually going to result in further gloom!

Having watched our parents and teachers tolerate and even teach us that stress is normal and natural, we take it for granted that suffering is inevitable on the journey of life. Even when we do realise that all our stress is self-created we become so accustomed to being in our various forms of unhappiness that we believe and think it’s just par for the course.

But now we know! At least more of us are beginning to know what we need to do to fill the to speak. With a few clicks of a mouse, we can instantly access the most comprehensive knowledge of the symptoms and cures of all our physical diseases. Similarly, we also have immediate access to the most profound insights and deepest wisdom on how to awaken our awareness to the causes of all our moments of dis – ease! Disease is the ‘process’ that happens in our body signified by some ‘pain’.   Whereas dis – ease are moments in which we all ‘suffer’ at a mental or emotional level within our consciousness. Disease sabotages our physical health. We call that an illness of the body. Dis – ease is a sign we are sabotaging our mental and emotional health.  We could call that the unwellness of the soul.

While the body has a ‘built in’ immune system to maintain it’s healthiness so we, as beings of consciousness, as spirit, also have an immune system that is designed to maintain our wellbeing. However, while our physical immune system is working automatically at every moment of our life, the immune system of the soul has to be consciously activated every day.

To do that requires that we understand exactly what it is and how it works. Only then can we make our self well, keep our self well and share our wellness with others. As we do it naturally has a beneficial effect on the ‘health’ of our body as well as the harmony of our relationships.

Welcome to your ‘other’ immune system!

It’s ALL About Energy

Both our physical health and the wellness of our being are affected by the ‘influence’ of energy. When our body becomes sick the cellular energy of certain parts of our form are influenced in such a way that the energy becomes deviant or distorted!

Imagine you are sitting with a group of friends. You are all talking happily, feeling upbeat and positive while enjoying each others company. There are frequent moments when you all break out into peels of laughter. This is a healthy, happy and harmonious set of relationships. Then Mr Grumpy arrives. Mr Grumpy is angry. He’s just had a run in with someone who’s pressed his ‘angry button’. He enters the group conversation and starts moaning, whining, whinging and complaining. He insists on passing his angriness into the group. The energy of the group suddenly becomes dark. The laughter has gone.  Smiles disappear. There is a heaviness in the air. The group has become sick! There is a dis – ease that has spread throughout the energy of the group. It was as if Mr Grumpy was a virus, an infection that instantly affected the energy of the group.

Viral Infections

When a deviant energy in the form of a virus or the wrong bacteria find their way into our body (we know many are already there) they ‘influence’ the cellular energy of the body. Some diseases are minor and temporary while others are major and almost permanent. Within our consciousness however, we don’t experience the ‘pain of disease’, we ‘suffer’ from moments and periods of ‘dis – ease’! These moments can range from subtle feelings of uneasiness to emotional disturbances of extreme anger or fear. All moments of dis – ease are also the result of the influence of a viral infection. The virus that ‘gets into’ our consciousness, into our soul, is known as ‘belief’. It is ‘viral beliefs’ that cause the energy of our consciousness to ‘deviate and distort’. As a result, we create and feel various forms of emotional disturbance, otherwise known as suffering. Otherwise known as unhappiness!

Body AND Consciousness

There are twelve primary dis – eases of consciousness, each caused by the influence of different ‘viral beliefs’. They have similar characteristics to the diseases of the body. However, in order to be able to identify the exact belief that causes each dis – ease within the soul there has to be a clear recognition that the energy of our body is different from the energy of our ‘self’. One is a visible and tangible energy and the other is invisible and intangible. The energy of our physical body is confined to time and space whereas the spiritual energy of consciousness, of the self, is beyond the confines of time and space. Our physical form is subject to birth, growth and decay, while the soul, the spirit that we are, never grows and never decays. That’s why self growth, or what we sometimes call ‘personal growth’ is an oxymoron. But that’s another seminar!

Like the energy of our body, the energy of our consciousness can be polluted. While the body is polluted by material substances our consciousness is polluted by ‘beliefs’! Just as our parents feed our body as we grow, so we are fed and assimilate beliefs and belief systems by parents, teachers and society. As children, although we tend to accept all the food given to us at the dinner table, there are often some foods we just will not eat. However, as children, we haven’t yet refined our ability to discern the consequences of believing certain beliefs, so we ‘tend’ to accept all the beliefs that we are fed as truths. And that’s where things go… askew!

When we absorb others beliefs and adopt them as our own beliefs, often calling them truths, we also start creating our own belief systems. As a consequence, we start to generate moments of ‘dis – ease’ as we either blindly follow our beliefs or we start defending them against perceived threats or we attempt to impose them on others. But we are not aware of this connection between belief and dis – ease! No one is able to help us be aware as everyone else has largely made and is largely making, the same mistake themselves.

Here are a couple of examples of how we unknowingly create the many dis – eases of the soul which are the cause of our unhappiness!

Symptoms and Cures of Perfectionism!

The first symptoms of any ‘dis – ease’ appear, or more accurately are ‘felt’, at an emotional level. For example, the perfectionist suffers from ‘perfectionism’ and therefore experiences frequent moments of irritation. Rather like our skin sometimes becomes irritated the perfectionist feels irritated simply because they live in the world that is not, and can never be, exactly, precisely, the way they want or expect it to be. It can never be exactly the way they ‘believe‘ it should be. The curing of perfectionism requires three steps.

First there is the awareness and recognition that there are feelings of irritation and frustration and that they are self created. Then there is the realisation of the cause within consciousness, which is a ‘viral belief’ that things should be set out exactly like this, processes should be performed exactly like that, people should behave exactly like this, the result of any application of any methodology should be an outcome that is…perfect!  In other words, there is a deep belief generating an expectation of perfection. A cure is only possible when there is the realisation of the truth that a) the world and people are moving and changing, and being, exactly as they are; b) life and relationships, especially relationships, at this point in time, are messy! And 3) there is ultimately no one right way, no perfect way, that can be prescribed for anything or anyone. When this truth is fully realised, assimilated and acted on there is a transformation of the energy of the consciousness of the perfectionist. The dis – ease disappears, and there is, in effect, a healing of the soul!

Three Movements

The immune system of the body has, in essence, three dynamics in the healing process; the recognition of the symptoms, the diagnosis of the cause and the healing effect of the cure. Similarly, the immune system of the soul has three movements, awareness of the feelings of dis – ease, realisation of the cause and cure of the dis – ease and the transformation of the energy of consciousness when the cure is implemented (acted on). We often acknowledge that, given the chance, the body will heal itself. Similarly, if we give our ‘self’ a chance, which really means the time and space to become more aware, we can heal all our habits of dis – ease! Here’s another example.

Loosening those Joints!

Arthritis is a common disease of the body, especially in the older age ranges. It is also a dis – ease of the soul, of our consciousness, which also tends to ‘set in’ later in life. But not always. Sometimes it seems to be there from the start! Just as the joints of the body start to become rigid and painful to move, so we become rigid in our ways of thinking, which means in our beliefs. It becomes painful to move our consciousness enough to be open to new ideas, new learnings and new understandings. One of the main symptoms of ‘arthritis of the soul’ will be a feeling of resentment toward those who seem to know more and want to help us broaden our mind and explore new viewpoints. There will be frequent thought’s like, “I know the best way, this is the only way, this is the way I have done it or thought about it all my life and it still the way today”. There will be a resistant reaction to others points of view, sometimes to such an extent the other person is completely ignored.

Until, one day, the arthritic soul becomes aware that they are fed up with their own resentment, tired of their own suffering and probably lonely at the lack of friends! They let go for a moment and realise there is no one right idea or belief, there are always different ways to perceive, there is still time to learn, it’s never too late to change. Then an openness occurs, a curiosity starts to arise, and a new flexibility gradually replaces the old rigidity. The healing of the soul takes place when this inner shift feeds through into interactions with others, and a transformation of attitude and behaviour is both seen and felt. The dis – ease know as arthritis of the soul is healed!

There are twelve primary dis – eases of soul from which we all suffer including asthma of the soul, diabetes of the soul and indigestion of the soul! Which really means twelve dis – eases that we all create within our consciousness that will generate frequent moments of suffering. The process of healing is the same for each. Becoming aware of the symptoms, which is an emotion that we create and feel both frequently and intensely. The realisation of the cause, which always a ‘viral belief’ that we are carrying within our consciousness. Then, as we look past or through the belief, the realisation of ‘the truth’ that frees us from the suffering. Then finally the transformation of our energy, which is our consciousness, our ‘self’, when we consciously re-assimilate and act on that truth.

By activating the immune system of the soul it becomes possible to eliminate all dis – ease and restore our consciousness, our being, to a state of consistent wellness. We know we are well again when we are able to relax at will, be at peace with the world, respond openly and compassionately to others, fully accept the way life is unfolding around us, and be able to give selflessly of our self whenever we are invited to participate in the great game, the grand play, the magnificent production thatwe call LIFE ON PLANET EARTH!

By Mike George

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